Cards on Psychological Safety and Team Morale released

A new deck of coaching cards has been released in April 2021 on psychological safety, providing a profound and extensive set of phrases that cover many aspects of psychological safety from an individual, team, and organizational perspective. These cards can be downloaded from my webshop.

Psychological Safety Cards

Discussions about the values, behavior, opinions, and beliefs that underlie psychological safety are essential to foster healthy collaboration and effective teamwork. Low psychological safety blocks change. If you want people to take initiative and improve things, you need to work on establishing conditions where people feel psychologically safe to take the first steps.

The Psychological Safety Cards can be used to visualize, discuss, self-assess, and improve psychological safety inside teams and increase team morale. They enable exploring factors that influence psychological safety in an engaged and safe way and can help to create a shared understanding of safety.

The cards have been developed by Ben Linders and Fabio Armani and have been reviewed by people from the worldwide agile community.

These cards are an Agile Coaching Tool for facilitators, Agile coaches, consultants, trainers, Scrum masters, leaders, and managers; basically anyone who is involved in helping people and organizations perform better. They can be used by teams for self-assessments and reflections and in retrospectives. Agile coaches and managers can use these cards to facilitate valuable discussions on topics related to psychological safety.

The packages that you can download for a nominal fee consist of PDF and jpeg files with 62 numbered cards and examples and ideas for playing with the cards. Both online (remote coaching) and onsite usage is supported. There’s also an add-on package of Culture Cards that can be used to help people to discover their existing culture or define a wanted or required culture.


The cards have been translated into the following languages:

These are official translations, done by the authors who developed the cards. Cards in the different languages can be used next to each other as they are all numbered. Ideas for playing with the cards are only available in English.

Download the Psychological Safety Cards

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