What’s your favorite Agile Conference?

favorite agile conferenceAs a trainer, (keynote) presenter, editor for InfoQ, and agile networker I go to conferences all around the world during the year. They are all different, each one has it’s own strong points. Now I’d like to hear from you: What’s your favorite agile conference? Please share your favorite agile conference by commenting on this post.

In 2016 I attended the Agile Practitioners Conference, Scaling Agile for the Enterprise, DevOps Summit, 1st Conference, QCon London, Agilia, AgileEE, Retrospective Facilitators Gathering, Software-Centric Systems Conference and GOTO Amsterdam. For these conferences I visited Tel Aviv, Brussels, Melbourne, London, Olomouc, Kiev, Sagres, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Why go to conferences

People go to conferences for different reasons. I go to them to learn new things, stay up to date with what’s happening in agile communities and to share my experiences.

I really liked giving a keynote at the 1st conference because it was my first time to Australia which felt great. This conference had a fully packed program for people that are new to agile, I was amazed by it’s broadness in topics and the quality of the talks.

It was my second time to the AgileEE, and I felt at home right from the start. There’s always an lot of energy at this conference, people are networking everywhere and it’s the conference with a very diverse audience who’s eager to learn. The new venue was a real improvement.

The Retrospectives Facilitators Gathering is different because it’s a small group dedicated to agile retrospectives. It’s a full week open space on agile retrospectives, for me it’s the place to be to sharpen my facilitation and training skills.

Upcoming conferences

In the coming months I will be attending the following conferences:

There are a couple more conferences coming up, which haven’t announced my workshops or talks yet. As soon as they become public they will be added to my conference schedule.

Your favorite agile conference

So tell me: What’s your favorite agile conference? Please share your favorite agile conference by commenting on this post.


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  1. Kenji Hiranabe

    my favorite : Agileroots in Salt Lake City, the nearest city where Agile Manufesto is signed.

  2. Ben Linders

    Thanks Kenji!

    I actually didn’t know this conference, will check it out.

    Wat is it that makes this your favorite conference?

  3. Ari Byland

    Agile Leadership Day: http://agileleadershipday.ch/en/

    Biggest Agile Conference in Switzerland. Good program with German and English speakers, this year ranging from Agile Leadership (as the name implies), over SAFe topics to company structures.

    1. Ben Linders

      Thanks Ari for adding this conference. Program indeed looks interesting!

      Unfortunately I can’t make it to the conference. It’s right between SwanseaCon and the Agile Greece Summit, So I’m traveling on the 14e.

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