Join the Survey on World Retrospectives Day

The first World Retrospectives Day is coming, and we need your help to make it great. Please join the Survey on World Retrospectives Day to sign up and let us know what you’d expect from a World Retrospectives Day.

One of the things discussed at the 2017 Retrospective Facilitators Gathering was to reach out to the world and help professionals to share ideas and experiences with agile retrospectives. It would be something to scale the spirit and learning that happens at the gathering into something where everyone, everywhere, can participate, contribute, and learn.

The idea is to organize a World Retrospectives Day, which brings together the global agile community for 24 hours of sharing and learning around retrospectives. The Survey on World Retrospectives Day helps the organizers to shape the event.

Although the survey part is optional (you’re free to only leave your email address) I want to encourage you to fill in the questions, it will only take a minute!

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