Keynote at Agile Tour Kaunas about Continuous Improvement with Agile

need-for-continuous-improvement-agile-tour-kaunas-2016-ben-lindersIn the opening keynote at Agile Tour Kaunas I presented the need for continuous improvement in agile. I explained why we need to uncover better ways to continuously improve, and how agile helps us doing that to deliver more value.

Continuous improvement matters in agile, it’s needed to enable organizations to really become agile:

Agile isn’t a silver bullet, and it’s not a one size fits all approach. Continuous improvement is what makes it work, it’s at the heart of agile. Ben will show why continuous improvement matters in agile and what you can do to help your teams and organization to be more agile.

My keynote presentation is now available on slideshare and on my presentations page.

Better software development is not about implementing the the best framework or method throughout the organization. People have tried that for years, mostly without success. Organizations which succeed with agile are the ones that invest time and money to continuously improve themselves.

Agile Tour Kaunas is the biggest event about agile project management and information systems development in Lithuania. I’m honored by the invitation that I got from Agile Tour Lithuania to give a keynote at this major Baltic agile event.

I’ve given similar keynotes on continuous improvement with agile at QCon Beijing and at 1st conference in Melbourne. Feel free to contact me if you want to book me for a keynote or talk at your conference.

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