Learning How to Deal with Impediments Effectively

news Ben LindersIn the impediment game people learn to recognize and analyse impediments and how to take appropriate action by deploying agile and lean good practices. I will play the impediment game with teams at the Agile Tour Brussels 2015 on November 2.

The game can be played by 1-4 teams simultaneously. Each team will has Scrum master and a Product Owner. The game consists of a deck of impediment cards, a list of agile and lean good practices, and an impediment board. During the game the teams are coached in understanding impediments and selecting and deploying good practices to take action.

The impediment game is a part of the workshop Getting More out of Agile and Lean. This full day workshop teaches people to deploy practices for teams and their stakeholders to develop the right products, deliver faster, increase quality, and create happy high performing teams.

Agile Tour Brussels 2015The Agile Tour Brussels is is one of the biggest Agile conferences in Belgium. It’s wide program with workshops, agile games, and talks, makes it suitable for all agile practitioner levels.

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