Looking for reviewers for my book on impediments

I’ve published the first version of my book Problem? What Problem? on Leanpub. It’s about dealing effectively with impediments using agile thinking and practices. Are you interested to read this book and give me feedback? Please contact me!

Agile impediments are things that are keeping teams from getting work done. It can be things that slow down teams or are blocking the delivery of products or services. But it can also be something that inhibits the team from learning something about their customers or hinders them while collaborating with their stakeholders, that makes it difficult for them to find out how they are doing, or blocks improving their way of working.

In this book, I explore how teams can deal with problems themselves, and by doing that become better in self-organizing the way that they do their work.

I’m aiming this book at agile teams, Scrum masters, agile coaches, consultants, developers and testers, project managers, line managers, and CxOs; basically for anyone who is looking for an effective way to handle impediments or support people in doing that.

The current version has about half of the planned content. It’s a practical, hands-on book with many suggestions, tips, and experience stories.

Becoming a reviewer

If you want to receive a free review copy of the book and provide feedback, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and a short motivation.

As a reviewer, you will receive all future updates of the book.

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