March Agile Training Week

I’m giving three online interactive workshops on developing products in remote teams, problem-solving, and increasing agility, in the last week of March. You can sign up for any combination of these workshops:

  • Develop Better Products with Agile – March 29-30
  • Problem Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices – March 31
  • Assessing your Agility – April 1

Contact me via email to buy a combi-ticket for 2 or 3 workshops with 25% or 40% discount!

Develop Better Products with Agile

In the workshop Develop Better Products with Agile you will practice agile and learn how to apply it effectively:

  • Practice understanding and prioritizing customer’s needs.
  • Work in small teams to develop products iteratively.
  • Learn to gather valuable feedback with product reviews and demos.
  • See how to improve your way of working with agile retrospectives.
  • Find out how to effectively apply agile practices with an agile mindset.

A two-day workshop on March 29-30 for €750. Early bird until March 19: €600. Sign-up: Develop Better Products with Agile.

Problem Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices

Practice your problem-solving skills and learn how to deal with agile impediments in the workshop Problem Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices:

  • Recognizing signals of problems, and creating safety in teams for people to bring up problems
  • Analyzing problems picking one technique: causal analysis, blameless post-mortems, retrospectives, swarming, or blocker analysis
  • Managing impediments using techniques from Lean & Kanban; decide how to solve them and who should be involved
  • Using coaching and games to improve collaboration and develop problem-solving skills

A one-day workshop on March 31 for €450. Early bird until March 19: €350.  Sign-up: Problem Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices.

Self-assessing your Agility

An interactive online workshop where you learn how to Self-assess your Agility using gamification and take the next steps on your agile journey:

  • Explore what agile and agility means and the benefits that they can bring
  • Understand the power of engagement and invitation-based agile adoption approaches
  • Experience how you can self-assess the agility of teams and organizations
  • Play the Agile Self-assessment Game using different playing formats and card decks
  • Learn ways for planning and traveling your own agile journey

A one-day workshop for €450. Early bird until March 19: €350. Sign-up: Self-assessing your Agility.

Agile Training Week March

A full week of amazing interactive workshops where you’ll learn about collaborating in remote teams for developing products, solving problems, and increasing agility!

These workshops are intended for:

  • (Senior) Developers, Architects, UI/UX designers, and Testers
  • Product Owners/managers
  • Technical (team) leaders and Scrum masters
  • Project/Line Managers
  • (Business) Stakeholders working with agile teams
  • Agile and Lean Coaches
  • Anybody who is supporting teams in increasing their performance

Doing it yourself and reflecting is the way people learn new practices and develop skills in my workshops. They work in teams to try out things and experiment with practices to learn how agile can really look and feel. I coach people, answer questions, share my experience, and provide lots of ideas. They learn from me, and also from each other.

I teach from personal experience: What I teach in my workshops are things that I’ve done myself, or that I feel able to do and make enough sense to me to experiment with. My strength is that I teach what I do and do what I teach, it’s who I am. I believe bringing my whole self to workshops makes a difference.

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