Podcast on What Drives Quality

I’m honored to have been interviewed by Tom Cagley for his Software Process and Measurement Cast (SPaMCAST) series. Tom and I talked about my recently released book What Drives Quality.

Listen to
SPaMCAST 470 – Ben Linders, What Drives Quality to hear what we have to say on this:

SPaMCAST 470 features the return of Ben Linders. Ben and I discussed his new book, What Drives Quality.  Quality is something we all want and is required by our customers and clients BUT determining how we get quality is not easy!  We explored the definition of quality, who owns quality and what teams can do to deliver quality.  If you are into excellence in value delivery, this interview will inform and delight you.

The book What Drives Quality explores how quality plays a role in all of the software development phases, it takes a deep dive into quality by listing the relevant factors of development activities that drive the quality of products. It provides a lean approach to quality, which analyses the full development chain from customer request to delivering products.

Tom has been recording podcasts since 2007. This is the fourth time that I’m interviewed by him. Previous podcasts that are available online are:

All of my interviews are available at the Interviews with Ben Linders webpage.

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