Recommended books: Scaling Teams, Product Mastery, ScrumMasterWay, and Agile Engagement

Here are some recently published books that I highly recommend on Scaling Teams, Product Mastery, Great Scrum Masters #ScrumMasterWay, and Agile Engagement.

Leading a fast-growing team is a uniquely challenging experience. Startups with a hot product often double or triple in size quickly—a recipe for chaos if company leaders aren’t prepared for the pitfalls of hyper-growth. If you’re leading a startup or a new team between 10 and 150 people, Scaling Teams provides a practical approach to managing your way through these challenges.

Product Mastery explores the traits of the best product owners, offering an insight into the difference between good and great product ownership and explaining how the best product owners are DRIVEN to be successful. In a follow up to the hugely successful Scrum Mastery, Geoff Watts shares more enlightening case studies on how to be go from good to great. This is essential reading for anyone involved in an agile product development effort.

The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay is your complete guide to becoming an exceptionally effective ScrumMaster and using Scrum to dramatically improve team and organizational performance. Easy to digest and highly visual, you can read it in a weekend…and use it for an entire career.

Many organizations fail to realize and harness the power of their most valuable asset—their employees. Agile Engagement offers business leaders a concrete strategy for building, maintaining, and utilizing employee engagement to achieve the highest level of business success. The key? Employees must feel like they are a part of their company’s culture instead of having it handed down to them.

For more books on agile and lean software development, please see my recommended books page.

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