Retrospectivas ágiles: Spanish book bundle released

retrospectivas-agiles-spanish-booksA new bundle has been released on Leanpub: Retrospectivas ágiles. It contains three great books on Agile Retrospectives in Spanish which can now be bought with a fabulous discount.

Our successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives has been translated to many languages. The Spanish edition Obteniendo valor de las Retrospectivas ágiles was released on July 16, 2014. It was the second translation that became available (after the Dutch edition), and now you can buy this book together with two other great Spanish book on Agile Retrospectives.

Three Spanish books on Agile Retrospectives

The normal price of these three books is $35,88 (excl. VAT). When you buy the Retrospectivas ágiles bundle you pay only $16,15, a 55% discount!

This is what you will get with this bundle.

Tres grandes libros para hacer retrospectivas ágiles increíbles a un precio fabuloso. Conseguirlos ahora!

Obteniendo valor de las Retrospectivas ágiles te ayudará a ser más competente haciendo retrospectivas y a sacar más provecho de ellas.

El pedal de arranque de las retrospectivas ágiles: Crea más de 250 bombas agendas de retrospectivas con una hoja de trucos de restrospectivas.

Fun Retrospectives: actividades e ideas para hacer retrospectivas ágiles más interesantes.

A big thanks to the authors Luis Gonçalves, Alexey Krivitsky, Paulo Caroli, Freddy Coronel, María Fernanda Escudero, Paola Jimenez Apolo and Taina Caetano for writing these books and collaborating with me in this Spanish book bundle.

Many books for fabulous prices

Bundles are leanpub’s way to get ebooks on a specific topic with a discount. The following bundles contain one or more of my books:

More than 150 copies have already been sold of my most successful bundle Agile Retrospectives. Isn’t that cool!

Bundles of my ebooks are only available on Leanpub. You can find all of my books and bundles on the Ben Linders’ Leanpub author page.


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