Spicing up Agile Retrospectives Published

Today I gave the talk Spicing up Agile Retrospectives at TopConf Linz 2017. My presentation is now available on Slideshare and I added it to my presentations page.

The agile manifesto proposes a “team reflects on how to become more effective”. Agile retrospectives can be used to inspect and adapt the way of working. At TopConf Linz I spoke about the why, what and how of agile retrospectives, with many practical tips, stories, and examples.

During the presentation I spoke with the attendees about how you can do retrospectives and showed them ways to improve retrospectives to keep them valuable. They learned how to spice up retrospectives to increase agility.

Retrospectives help teams to deploy agile practices in an effective way. The retrospective facilitator (often the Scrum master) should have a toolbox of retrospective exercises, and be able to pick the most effective ones. Retrospectives are a great way for teams to improve their way of working, to become more agile and lean. Getting actions out of a retrospective that are doable, and getting them done helps teams to learn and improve continuously.


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