Talks at Agile Tour Beirut 2016

LOGO-AGILE-TOUR-BEIRUT-2016-LOGOI will give two talk on October 15 at Agile Tour Beirut, one about how to become a better Scrum master and one on valuable retrospectives.

How To become a better Scrum Master:

During this interactive presentation you will explore the Scrum master role and provide examples of how to do it in an effective way. Humor combined with valuable insights and ideas.

Valuable retrospectives:

This talk explains the “what” and “why” of retrospectives and the business value and benefits that they can bring. Examples will be given of exercises that you can use to facilitate retrospectives, supported with advice for introducing and improving retrospectives. It is based on the successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives.

I love the Agile Tour events. Being organized by volunteers they tend to have an atmosphere where people share their experiences with agile and ideas on how to use agile practices, which makes them a great place to learn from practitioners.

Agile Tour Beirut 2016 is the Fourth Lebanese edition of the biggest international Agile event: the Agile Tour. This conference focuses on agile project management, leadership, creativity, innovation, people-centric approaches, continuous improvement, and fun. Through a selection of 24 talks, presentations, workshops, and games, you are invited to discover and experiment with the different aspects of the Agile mindset. This community event is organized by Agile Lebanon and hosted by top professionals from Lebanon and abroad (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Saudi, Spain, UAE, UK …), all of whom are eager to share their passion with you.

Previously I spoke at Agile Tour events in Brussels, Lille, and London. In October I will give a keynote at Agile Tour Kaunas (I’m also giving two masterclasses in Kaunas) and two talks at Agile Tour Beirut.

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