Workshops on Retrospectives and Increasing Agile Value

ben_QCon-China-2015-12016 has started, my wish for everybody is to make it a great year. So let’s focus on doing real improvement to make it happen!

Several workshops on agile retrospectives and increasing agile value have been planned in 2016.

Testimonials from people who attended my workshops:

“I got a better understanding of retrospectives and many ideas on how to use them in my work. I can suggest this workshop to anyone that wants to go agile.  Also thanks for the reading material, I found it very helpful.”

Bill Souliotis – Manager Software Research & Development Graphics User Interface at BETA CAE Systems

“Nice to join a workshop in which the attendees and teacher actually have profound hands-on experience with agile.”
“Immersive, good choice of subjects, well led.”
“A lot of examples.”
“Good useful interactions and learning from other participants.”

Attendees from the GOTO Amsterdam workshop

So don’t wait, get your ticket for a workshop close to you to learn how to do valuable agile retrospectives and increase the value of agile (feel free to ask me for a discount code 🙂 ).

Please contact me if you want to have a in-house workshop or a workshop in your country.


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