Workshops Remote Retrospectives & Increasing AgilityWorkshops Remote Retrospectives & Increasing Agility

Workshops Remote Retrospectives & Increasing Agility

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Learn how you can run remote retrospectives, practice online exercises that involve everyone, and gain insight into psychological safety in distributed retrospectives in the workshop Better ways to Facilitate Remote Retrospectives.

Agile Self-assessments – Exploring Better ways to Increase Agility is where you experience how to assess your agility using gamification. You’ll learn how to play games and facilitate coaching exercises that will help you to uncover better ways of working in your teams.

Two half-day in-person workshops on September 22 at the Better Ways conference in Athens, Greece.

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I’m giving two half-day workshops, Better ways to Facilitate Remote Retrospectives & Exploring Better ways to Increase Agility, on September 22 at the Better Ways conference in Athens, Greece.

Workshop: Better ways to Facilitate Remote Retrospectives

Agile Retrospectives help teams to continuously improve by reflecting to learn what is going well and what can be improved, and to do improvement actions. Retrospective facilitators need to have a toolbox of retrospective exercises and the skills to design and facilitate remote agile retrospectives.

Remote retrospectives pose extra challenges due to not having people in one physical room for the retrospective:

  • Recognizing and dealing with retrospective smells or anti-patterns is hard in online meetings (but it can be done!)
  • It’s more difficult to foster productive and collaborative behavior and keep everyone involved during the retrospective
  • Not physically being together calls for different retrospective exercises and innovative ways to do exercises online
  • Psychological safety is a key issue in any retrospective, it’s even more challenging when people collaborate remotely


In the workshop Better ways to Facilitate Remote Retrospectives, we will practice doing remote retrospectives while fostering psychological safety using exercises that keep people involved. We’ll learn how to recognize and deal with smells and foster collaboration toward effective actions as a retrospective outcome.

Workshop: Agile Self-assessments – Exploring Better ways to Increase Agility

In the workshop Agile Self-assessments – Exploring Better ways to Increase Agility, you will practice games and exercises to explore how agile your teams are and what can be done to increase your agility.

We’ll be playing The Agile Self-Assessment Game, a serious game used by teams and organizations to self-assess their agility. Playing this game enables professionals to reflect on collaboration and team interworking and engage in the next steps for their agile journey. With this game, professionals can discover how agile they are and what they can do to increase their agility to deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders.

You’ll learn how to create an “agile map” using an invitation-based gamification approach. A map that inspires you with ideas for increasing your agility and suggestions on where to go next on your agile journey.

In this workshop, you will experience different playing formats of The Agile Self-assessment Game. You’ll hear about the importance of pre-selecting cards to create focused coaching card decks and find out about different exercises that can be used to self-assess and play your agile journey.

The workshop is loaded with examples and suggestions to help you to increase your agility.

Practical information

These are half-day workshops, four-hour in-person interactive workshops.

You can book these workshops by buying a ticket below, or by contacting me by email at [email protected].

Tickets are limited to ensure that all attendees can play the games and get fully involved and engaged.

Cancelations are allowed until one week before the workshop is held. If you can’t attend then a colleague can use your ticket to join.


You can buy a ticket for one of the workshops or a combi ticket for both workshops:

  • One four-hour workshop: €200 + VAT
  • Both workshops, full day of training: €375 + VAT


If you want to attend with two or more persons from the same company, please contact me at [email protected].


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