Portuguese edition of retrospectives exercises: Obtendo Valor de Retrospectivas Ágeis

The Portuguese edition of my Agile Retrospectives book, Obtendo Valor de Retrospectivas Ágeis, has been released on Leanpub and in my webshop and Amazon. With this release, there are now 12 translated editions published of my successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives.

Get your copy

You can read a sample of the book on Leanpub with this link: https://leanpub.com/gettingvalueoutofagileretrospectives_PT-BR/read_sample

Please feel free to use this link to get your personal copy, and to share this link in your networks!

Com vários exercícios para sua caixa de ferramentas pessoal de retrospectivas, Obtendo Valor de Retrospectivas Ágeis o ajudará a se tornar mais proficiente em fazer retrospectivas e a tirar mais proveito delas – Apresentação de Esther Derby e Alexandre Magno.

Thank you, translators!

The book has been translated by an agile team of volunteers. Big thanks go to:

  • Liney Reis
  • Anne Justo Hanke
  • Marcelo Areal
  • Rafael Pessoa
  • Redirley Matheus Santos
  • Ricardo Mendes
  • Sávio Pierre

Give away for Agile Communities

I’m sharing my knowledge and experience with communities by attending and speaking at their events, doing mini-workshops, and giving away books to participants of meetups. One of the things I do is to give away free ebook copies and discount vouchers, see for example what I did for the Cyprus Agile and Innovation community.

If you are starting a new community or running an exiting one, and want to give your members a free ebook, contact me.

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