Self-assessing Your Agility with the Agile Self-assessment Game

The Agile Self-Assessment Game is there to help you to increase your agility and deliver more value. Agile self-assessment help organizations and teams to assess how agile they are and decide what to do next to become more agile. Teams can play the Agile Self-assessment Game to reflect and agree on the next steps in their agile journey.

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Playing the Agile Self-assessment Game in your retrospectives

The Agile Self-assessment Game is a card game which teams can play to improve collaboration and increase their agility. Marijke Vandermaesen played the game with her team in their agile retrospective.  She thinks that “the self assessment game is a good format for a retrospective”. Here are her experiences from playing this game.

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Retrospective met de Agile Self-assessment Game

De Agile Self-assessment Game is een kaartspel wat teams kunnen gebruiken om hun agility te verhogen. Marijke Vandermaesen speelde het spel met haar team in een retrospective en stuurde mij haar ervaringen die ik graag deel met jullie. Haar conclusie: "de game is een goed format voor een retro voor teams die pas starten en zoeken naar praktijken om op te nemen of meer ervaren teams die goed op elkaar ingespeeld zijn en zoeken naar de laatste puntjes om op de i te zetten".

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Guest blog: Help Scrum and Agile Teams Improve

Many agile coaches are looking for new innovative ways to help Scrum and Agile teams improve. They want to coach teams in a way that they can discover how they are doing and come up with ideas to become better and deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders. The Agile Self-Assessment Game is a tool that helps them to do that. Andreas Schliep, Executive Partner at DasScrumTeam AG shared his experiences playing this game.

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Self-assessing How Agile You Are

Do your teams want to know how agile they are? And what could be the possible next steps for them to become more agile and lean? In an open space session about Agile Self-Assessments organized by nlScrum we discussed why self-assessments matter and how teams can self-assess their agility to become better in what they do.

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