Communication * Behavior = Commitment

Last week we had Willem Scheepers as guest speaker at the SPIder P-CMM workgroup, who told us about the what, how and why of Investors in People (IiP). He got my attention by mentioning commitment and communication, two important aspects of the IiP.  The combination of those two aspects is very important if you want to improve an organization. If there is commitment, but it is not communicated, then there won’t be any impact in the organization. And communication without deep commitment beneath it will not work; professionals will see through it and will not believe what they see or hear.

From my experience as a change manager, I would like to add a third one: behavior. People who are really committed, do what they say, and say what they do. Communication and behavior should support each other, to show real commitment, the kind that really drives improvement!

Ben Linders

I help organizations with effective software development and management practices. Active member of several networks on Agile, Lean and Quality, and a frequent speaker and writer.

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