We Want Agile Processes

  • Post published:March 28, 2014

There are organizations which think that Agile or Scrum can be the solution to solve all IT problems that they have. Senior management has decided that their whole organization has to become agile. To realize that they demand that all existing (waterfall) processes will be replaced by Agile processes. Even if they succeed to do that (which is often not the case) they are usually not getting the expected business benefits out of Agile. Replacing processes doesn't make an organization Agile.

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What will 2012 bring us?

  • Post published:January 2, 2012

I expect that in 2012 the adoption of Agile continues, and we will see Agile and Lean more together to develop teams that deliver business value. And I expect Lean Startup to take off in 2012, to get companies in contact with their customers and deliver what they really need.

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