Summary of Agile Engagement in 15 Tweets

In the book Agile Engagement Santiago Jaramillo and Todd Richardson describe a framework that business leaders can use to improve engagement of the people working at their organization. They explain why employees can be disengaged and show how you can measure and drive engagement in organizations.

I did an interview with Santiago Jaramillo and Todd Richardson about major changes that are happening in the labor market, how managing freelancers differ from managing employees, examples of companies which have significantly changed their office policies and how that worked out for them, and which factors influence the performance of teams and how to use the Emplify Score for measuring Agile Engagement. You can read it on InfoQ: Q&A on the Book Agile Engagement.

15 quotes from Agile Engagement

Here’s a set of 15 quotes from the book Agile Engagement. I’m tweeting these quotes with #AgileEngagement:

Meaningful engagement cannot simply be bought
The bottom line is, culture affects the bottom line
If you are in HR or executive leadership, it is not your job to single-handedly create the culture
If left to themselves, cultures can quickly go down the tube
A culture is bound to emerge, so you might as well make sure it’s a great one
It may look different at each organization, but done right, engagement renders tremendous business results
We need to expand our thinking of where and when work gets done and who does it
No matter what business you are in, you are in the talent business
It’s no secret that leading companies relentlessly follow, recruit, and optimize top talent
Anyone who has ever managed another person knows leadership is not easy
The benefits of hiring and managing freelancers far outweigh the challenges
Who you meet throughout your life and how you treat them will follow you into your future
Employees play an undeniable and crucial role in the cultural equation
Hire a bad egg, and you are in for quite the rocky ride
The reality is, to the outside world, agents are our company

People matter

When your employees feel disengaged, you’ve got a serious problem. Processes and procedures won’t help you to get them engaged. As a manager you need to create a culture where people can do their work in a good way and feel appreciated. Adopting an agile way of working supports that, if  you do it in a proper way.

If managers want their employees to adopt agile, then they should do the same and become agile themselves. To become agile managers must think agile and be an example. They have to adopt an agile mindset, and giving room for others to do the same. If a managers really adopts agile then they will treat their employees differently.

To increase employee engagement you may have to change the way you manage your people. The book Managing for Happiness provides practices and ideas for managers to engage their employees.

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