Personal qualities cards help teams improve by playing games

Personal qualities cardsI released a new Agile Coaching Tool called Personal Qualities Cards. These cards can be used to identify and discuss qualities or personality traits that people have.

The cards contain single words like “Accessible”, “Courageous”, “Trustworthy”, and “Fearless”. They come with playing suggestions to use them in many different settings.

These Personal Qualities cards are an Agile Coaching Tool for agile coaches, consultants, trainers, Scrum masters, leaders, and managers, and teams; basically, anyone who is involved in organizational change.

Helping teams explore and improve

The Personal Qualities Cards can be used to identify and discuss qualities or personality traits that people have. I use them in my workshops and when coaching teams to foster a culture of giving and receiving feedback about personal qualities in an engaged and psychologically safe way.

Personal qualities are positive qualities, the strengths that people have. They define how people behave in situations, how they react to things, and how they collaborate in teams. This makes them useful for agile teams to explore how things are going in the team and to improve themselves.

The words on the cards help people to discover their own personal traits or the traits that other people have. They help to explore, understand, and investigate the traits that are available in teams.

Personal qualities are supported by research on the Core Quadrant by Daniel Ofman.

Playing games

Having many cards with just one word on each of them makes it possible to use in a lot of different ways. This makes the Personal Qualities Cards a powerful and flexible “tool” for experienced facilitators that possess knowledge of human traits and qualities, a tool that they can use for building high-performing teams.

One way to use them is to explore strengths in an agile retrospective. You can use the exercise described in my popular blog post Exploring Strengths with Core Qualities.

Professionals can use the Personal Quality Cards to do a self-assessment of their qualities. From the deck, pick cards that you recognize as a strength that you possess. From the strengths that you identified, think about how you can improve them further.

As a fun activity and a way for people to get to know each other, you can organize a roleplay using the Personal Qualities Cards. Think of a situation or a story that you would like to play. Next, everyone picks one card with a personal quality to play his or her role. Variants are to have people propose qualities to another team member, or to shuffle the cards and put them face down and pick the top card blindly.

These are just some examples of how the cards can be used. The cards come with ideas for playing formats, and of course you can also design your own gamification formats.

Agile coaching tools

Agile coaching tools consist of PDF files that you can print out to create the cards, games, and playing instructions. To enable using them for remote agile coaching and online game playing, the tools come with images of all individual cards and playing elements.

Agile coaching tools are games, exercises, and coaching cards that I have developed over the years. I use them in my onsite and virtual workshops and when coaching teams.

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