Czech edition Jak zvýšit přínos agilních retrospektiv released

The full version of the Czech edition of my Agile Retrospectives book has been released on Leanpub. With this release, there are now 10 translated editions published of my successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives.

You can read a sample of the book on Leanpub with this link:
Please feel free to use this link to get your personal copy, and to share this link in your networks!

Kniha „Jak zvýšit přínos agilních retrospektiv“ s řadou retrospektivních technik vám pomůže stát se zběhlejšími ve vedení retrospektiv a získat z nich více. Úvodní slovo napsali Esther Derby (spoluautorka knihy Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great), Zuzana „Zuzi“ Šochová a Jaroslav Procházka – uznávaní čeští agilní evangelisté.

People who bought the book for a reduced price when it was under development have already received the full version for free!

The book is translated by an agile team of volunteers. A big thanks to:

  • Martina Bártů
  • Hana Farkaš
  • Jakub Gros
  • Jiri Janovec
  • Martin Kuchař
  • Eva Melicherová
  • Irena Buršová

With this release of the Czech edition the Valuable Agile Retrospective book is now available in 11 languages. All books are available in my webshop, on Leanpub, and Amazon.

For review copies of the book, please contact Ben Linders.

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