DZone Guide to Software Development Lifecycle published

3647294-dzone-agiledevelopmentguide2016-hiresMy article Facilitating Effective Agile Retrospectives is featured in the 2016 DZone Guide to Software Development Lifecycle: QA and Testing. Big thanks to the DZone team for inviting me to contribute to their guide!

Agile teams use retrospectives to reflect, learn, and adopt their way of working. In the article I explore how you can do effective agile retrospectives and what facilitators can do to get more value out of them.

The guide collects articles from worldwide experts in agile software development:

In this Guide, you will discover practical insights for improving Agile development including: the right questions to ask when using Test Driven Design (TDD), how to assess and improve your team’s collaboration, and how to facilitate retrospectives for continuous improvement of your team’s execution.

According to DZone the guide is a “truly indispensible resource for those looking to understand current Agile best practices and performance testing processes”.

You can download the DZone 2016 SDLC guide for free and read more interesting articles at Ben Linders on DZone.

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