Impediment Coaching Cards released

A new deck of coaching cards has been released for agile teams, coaches and Scrum masters: The Impediment Coaching Cards. They can be downloaded in my webshop.

Impediment Cards

The Impediment Coaching Cards deck consists of 79 cards with statements often made by people working in or with agile teams. These statements are signals of potential problems;  impediments as agile calls them. Discussing the statements helps people to become better in recognizing potential problems and learn about impediments and their impact.

This Agile Coaching Tool is intended for agile teams, Tech leads, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, project or line managers, consultants, and anyone involved in or working with agile teams. It aims to help teams to become self-organized and empowered to solve any impediments that they might face on their agile journey.

Agile Coaching Tools

I deliver training, advisory, and professional coaching services to Software Development, IT and R&D organizations and professionals all around the world. In my workshops, I use exercises, games, and real-life cases as a way to learn by practicing and experiencing.

People who attend my workshops receive copies of the exercises and games that they did. Many of them have played them with their own teams.

My intention is to make many of the agile coaching tools from my workshops available to everyone. These are some of the agile coaching tools available in my webshop:

Contact me if you want me to come over to your city/country to give a workshop, need a quote for an in-house workshop or talk, want me to give a tutorial at your conference, or want to partner with me to organize a workshop in your country.


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