New Book on Continuous Improvement

Cover_Continuous_ImprovementMy new book Continuous Improvement – Doing whatever helps to become better and thus more valuable is about increasing the awareness of continuous improvement and about how to improve in a sustainable way. It explores how improvement is engrained in agile, and provides suggestions that you can use in your daily work to improve continuously and increase your agility.

Continuous improvement is what makes agile work. It’s at the heart of agile: a mindset and a way of working where people always look for ways to do things better.

Continuous Improvement is my third book. Earlier I published the books What Drives Quality and Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives. All of my books are available on Ben Linders’ Leanpub page.

Feedback on this new book is very much appreciated. Please sent your suggestions, comments, ideas or questions to [email protected]. Also feel free to contact me if you are interested to receive a review copy.

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