Overview of Agile and Scrum Certifications

Agile Scrum CertificationThe agile and lean tool agile/Scrum certification provides an overview of the most important agile and Scrum certifications that are being offered by different institutes.

There are many different certificates for agile, which makes it difficult to choose. In addition, an objective assessment of the whole choice of training institutes is difficult as well. This tool provides information to help you decide which exam would be most suitable for you.

The overview of agile / Scrum Certifications is written by Erik Philippus, owner of ImprovemenT BV.

Agile and lean tools are collections, templates, examples and guides that will help you to deploy agile and lean more effectively. Some of the other tools are:

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  1. Mooi overzicht, Ben. Het Foundation examen van het Agile Consortium is tegenwoordig echter in meer Europese landen te doen dan alleen de genoemde. De examinering beslaat 7 categorieën.

    1. Goed nieuws!

      Kun je informatie hierover naar Erik Philippus en mij sturen? Dan passen we het aan 🙂

    2. Thx voor de hint. We passen de beschrijving van het foundation examen aan.

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