Reviewers needed for What Drives Quality

To finalize my second book What Drives Quality I’m looking for reviewers. Can you help me?

The book What Drives Quality explores how quality plays a role in all of the software development phases, it takes a deep dive into quality by listing the relevant factors of development activities that drive the quality of products. It provides a lean approach to quality, which analyses the full development chain from customer request to delivering products.

It’s a small but powerful book which, just like my successful first book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, provides ideas, suggestions, and examples that you can use in your daily work.

You can help me by reviewing the draft version and giving me feedback so that I can improve it!

(or use this download link)

If you download the book, read it, and give me feedback, then you will receive a free copy of the eBook when the book is released.

Please sent your feedback before August 25 by email to

When you buy the book What Drives Quality on Leanpub then you will receive the current version and all future updates. Suggested price is $9.99, minimum price (until book release) is $5.99.

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