Russian edition of Valuable Agile Retrospectives book released

Cover Russian edition - smallThe full version of the Russian edition Извлекаем пользу из Agile-ретроспектив has been released on Leanpub. With this release there are now 8 translated editions of the successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives available.

There is an introduction discount of 50% that readers can get using this link:
Please feel free to use this link to get your personal copy, and to share this link in your networks!

The book has been translated by an agile team of volunteers. A big thanks to:

  • Mzia Sturua (Мзия Стуруа)
  • Marina Arefyeva (Марина Арефьева)
  • Evgeniya Chumachkova (Евгения Чумачкова)
  • Alexander Attsik (Александр Атцик)
  • Alexandr Tupikov (Александр Тупиков)
  • Victor Shisterov (Виктор Шистеров)
  • Artem Koshelev (Артём Кошелев)

With this release of the Russian edition the Valuable Agile Retrospective book is now available in 9 languages:

For review copies of the book, please contact Ben Linders

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