Workshop at ACE: Increasing Agility with Retrospectives

I’m giving a full day workshop Increasing Agility with Retrospectives at ACE! Conference 2019 on May 22 in Krakow, Poland. The workshop will be done in collaboration with Wawel Hill, the organizers of ACE!

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Learn to achieve agility through retrospectives

In this workshop, you will learn how to scale agile retrospectives by doing them with multiple teams from a project, product or organization, practice facilitation skills with different retrospective exercises, and learn how you can introduce and improve retrospectives. You will also learn to do agile self-assessments and readiness checks and to design and facilitate retrospectives that help organizations to increase their agility.

What will you get out of the workshop Increasing Agility with Retrospectives

  • How to scale retrospectives in the organization over multiple teams
  • Understanding how retrospectives can be used to do continuous improvement and improve organizational agility
  • Establishing pre-requirements for effective retrospectives in the organization
  • Advanced facilitation skills for doing effective and efficient retrospectives
  • Approaches to improve the usage and results of retrospectives

This workshop is intended for:

  • Agile coaches and change agents
  • Scrum masters and retrospective facilitators
  • Team, product or project managers
  • (senior) managers
  • Anybody involved in retrospectives

Learning by practicing and experiencing

Doing it yourself and reflecting, that is the way people learn new practices and skills in my workshops. They work in teams to try out things and experiment with practices to learn how agile looks and feels. I answer questions, share my experience, coach people, and provide lots of ideas. They learn from me, and also from each other

I use many exercises, games, and real-life cases in my workshops. Examples are the retrospectives toolbox, the Impediment Game, and the Agile Self-assessment Game.

My approach enables attendees to apply the things they learned in their daily work.
The workshops are time well spend; organizations get value for their money!


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