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Collaborating Remotely – Experimental Workshop

Price on request

The workshop Collaborating Remotely dives into your remote working challenges and explores how to effectively deal with them.

Experimental workshop, continuously updated and extended based on ongoing experience.

Online interactive workshop
1 – 4 hours
Price on request

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In the workshop Collaborating Remotely we’ll dive into your remote working challenges and explore how we can effectively deal with them.

“Order” this inquiry product to discuss your needs for a tailor-made virtual workshop. You will get the exercises up front and then we do the workshop using Google meet, skype, or by using the environment that you already have for remote working. The workshop is live and interactive, not something prerecorded.

Effective Remote Collaboration

Working remotely together is becoming the norm. You can be a distributed organization, have people working from home (or anywhere), or are hiring people that work outside your office space; all of these involve remote collaboration.

Collaborating isn’t always easy, having to do it remotely makes it even tougher. You’ll have to be able to bridge the distance, know what’s happening elsewhere, and stay in contact, to get things done.

This workshop takes a broad view of collaboration remotely. It’s not just distributed teams but any situation where people need to collaborate who aren’t sitting next to each other all of the time.

Whether you are a professional that works remotely or is working with people who are remote, a manager working with remote professionals or working remote, or a consultant of coach supporting distributed working, this workshop will have things that you can use in your daily work.

Experimental workshop

This is an “experimental workshop” that is under development. Each time that I do this workshop, the content is updated and tailored to best serve the attendees and occasion. I’ll bring in my experience (see below) and will further research the topics that are selected to provide maximum value.

Possible topics (please bring your own topics/challenges):

  • Increasing trust
  • Reducing the virtual distance
  • Synchronizing over distance
  • Building psychological safety
  • Being transparent
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Creating remote relationship


This workshop is not about techniques or tools. To truly improve collaboration, we’ll address the mindset, beliefs, behavior, and practices, that enable and foster effective remote collaboration.



My background and experience with remote collaboration

I (Ben Linders) have been working remotely for more than 30 years. When I managed my first project in 1988, my team was spread over two locations. I’ve worked for multinationals like Philips and Ericsson where globally distributed teams were the norm rather than an exception. For a government organization, I improved collaboration between professionals working in different departments.

I started my own company in 2009 working with clients remote and onsite. I do personal remote coaching and mentoring, and online and on-site workshops and training. As a side job, I write for InfoQ which is a fully distributed company.


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