Workshop Assessing your Agility - Ben Linders - product coverWorkshop Assessing your Agility - Ben Linders - product cover

Workshop Agile Team Self-assessments & Culture

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Next workshop on March 7, 2023: Workshop Agile Team Self-assessments.

Practice games and exercises to explore how agile you are, create an “agile map” that inspires you for increasing your agility and travel your agile journey.

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In the workshop agile team self-assessments, you will practice games and exercises to explore how agile your teams are. Next, you’ll learn how to create an “agile map” that inspires you with ideas for increasing your agility and provides suggestions on where to go next on your agile journey.

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You will get the exercises upfront and then we do the workshop using hangout, skype, or by using the environment that you already have for remote working. The workshop is live and interactive, not something prerecorded.

Assessing your Agility

In the workshop Agile Team Self-assessments, we’ll be playing The Agile Self-Assessment Game, a serious game used by teams and organizations to self-assess their agility. You will experience different playing formats of The Agile Self-assessment Game, hear about the importance of pre-selecting cards to create focused card decks, and find out about different exercises that can be used to self-assess and play your agile journey.

The workshop is loaded with examples and suggestions to help you to increase your agility.

This workshop is intended for Agile Teams, Technical (team) leaders and Scrum masters, Product Owners and Project/Line Managers, Stakeholders working with agile teams, Agile and Lean Coaches, and anybody who is supporting teams in agile transformations

What will you get out of the workshop Assessing your Agility

  • Explore what agile and agility means and the benefits that they can bring
  • Understand the power of engagement and invitation-based agile adoption approaches
  • Experience how you can self-assess the agility of teams and organizations
  • Play the Agile Self-assessment Game using different playing formats and card decks
  • Learn ways for planning and traveling your own agile journey


The workshop Agile Team Self-assessments is based on the Agile Self-assessment Game. All attendees will get a free downloadable copy of the Agile Self-Assessment Game and the ebook ‘The Agile Self-assessment Game’ (value €30).



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