Workshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives for TeamsWorkshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives for Teams

Workshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives for Teams

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Next online workshop: Facilitating Effective Retrospectives on February 9, 2023

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Learn new exercises for your agile retrospectives, find out how to create a safe environment, and improve your facilitation skills in the workshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives for Teams!

Book your seat for a scheduled workshop or “Order” it as an inquiry product to discuss your needs for a tailor-made virtual workshop.

You will get the exercises up front and then we do the workshop using hangout, skype, or by using the environment that you already have for remote working. The workshop is live and interactive, not something prerecorded.

Both online and on-site workshops are possible!

Online I’m giving the workshop Facilitating Remote Retrospectives:

In the workshop Facilitating Remote Retrospectives, we will practice doing remote retrospectives while fostering psychological safety using exercises that keep people involved.

In this workshop, you will practice different exercises from the Retrospective Exercises Toolbox to facilitate retrospectives. You will learn the “what” and “why” of retrospectives, the business value, and the benefits that they can bring to your team.

This workshop is intended for Retrospective facilitators, Agile coaches, Scrum masters, Team, product or project managers, and anybody involved in retrospectives

What will you get out of the workshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives

  • Understanding of the why, what, and how of agile retrospectives
  • Practice different retrospective exercises
  • Know how to create a safe environment to run retrospectives
  • Skills for facilitating retrospectives

Attendant of this workshop will receive a free copy of the ebook Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives in English or a copy of a translated edition.

Apply and Improve

In this workshop, you will learn how to adapt and apply retrospectives in your own organization and how to provide retrospective facilitators with a toolbox with retrospective exercises enabling them to do valuable agile retrospectives with teams which contribute to the goals and results of your organization!


– 4-hour workshop
– Materials
– Free ebook
Free Lifetime Support

Online live workshops

There’s no minimum number of attendees, an online workshop will be held even if only one person signs up. Tickets are limited to ensure that all attendees can participate in exercises and play the games to be fully involved and engaged.

Cancelations are allowed until two weeks before the workshop is held. If you can’t attend then a colleague can use your ticket to join.

If you would like to attend a workshop, please show that you are interested by “buying” this product. List the name of the country/city where you would like to attend the workshop in the “order notes” field.

When multiple people are interested I will arrange a workshop in the preferred country/city or close by.


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