CMMI V1.3: Where to find information?

The CMMI V1.3 has been released just a couple of days ago. I know that many process improvement experts are looking for information, to find out what has changed. Below a first set of links to get you started. Also available: summary of the CMMI V1.3 and extensive information on the process areas of the CMMI V1.3

The “official” source of information is of course the Software Engineering Institute. Some useful pages from them are:

Please note that the CMMI has been transitioned from the SEI to the CMMI Institute at the Carnegie Mellon Universtity, as announced by the Software Engineering Institute.

The following resources are available to deploy the CMMI effectively:

There are several experts that are blogging or publishing about the new CMMI version. With the risk of being incomplete, here are some interesting websites (in no specific order):

And of course there is my own website. You can use the tag “CMMI” to select all relevant postings.

If you know any interesting websites on CMMI V1.3, or maintain a website or blog, then please share it.

Happy reading!

(This blog was posted nov 8, 2010, and updated jul 25, 2012: Added more information on CMMI V1.3)


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