What will 2012 bring us?

In a previous post I looked at what 2011 has brought for organizations that develop software. So what will 2012 bring us? I expect that the adoption of Agile continues, and we will see Agile and Lean more together to develop teams that deliver business value. Good practices from the People-CMM can help companies to implement Agile. And I expect Lean Startup to take off in 2012, to get companies in contact with their customers and deliver what they really need.

Agile Adoption

I expect that more companies, which will mostly be larger ones, will implement Agile working practices. Implementing Agile in larger organizations is more complex, and often requires changes of the organizational culture, management style, and supporting functions. There is a significant experience already with the implementation of Agile, which can be re-used to get results and decrease the risk that the migration to Agile fails. To assure that Agile practices will deliver business value, I will continue sharing my experiences with Agile implementation, and I’m eager to learn from others!  

Lean and Agile Combined

Also more companies will apply lean principles to streamline their delivery processes. Most companies use Lean to focus on the decision chain, reveals the time and money that is wasted. I see great potential for Lean to involve employees in changes that are needed. Companies should use the knowledge and skills available, increase collaboration and communication, and stimulate learning to deliver business value quicker, at lower costs. I see great possibilities for Lean and Agile, using the People-CMM, to further develop professionals, empower them, and enable them to deliver value to the customers of the companies that they are working with.

Lean Startup

Finally I expect that more companies will use Lean Startup principles in 2012, to (re-) connect with their customers. My experience is that the Lean Startup approach brings you in contact with your (potential) customers, by piecewise providing solutions for their needs. We’re using the Lean Startup approach to develop IT change management training modules, for veranderproject.nl (in Dutch). Some of our course ingredients fail, they should since we’re trying out new stuff (new to our customers that is). We get tremendous feedback, and are improving modules continuously. Together with our customers we develop an understanding what works in change management, and what doesn’t. Which helps them to improve the way they run their IT development. I consider the Lean Startup approach to be an very promising way to get in contact with your customers, and quickly understand and fulfill customers needs, enabling you to delivering value!

I’m wishing you a very healthy and happy 2012! Let’s keep on sharing, and learning!

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