My blog is in the Top 100 Agile Blogs

OIKOSOFY_badge top 100 agile blogsThe list with the 100 Top Agile blogs in 2015 has been published, and I’m proud to say that I’m listed (again) 🙂

Oikosofy Team has prepared this list of all majors blogs on agile software development.

We hope you like this list and it´ll be beneficial for you to look up for the best agile related content.

The ranking is based on When this list was first published in 2014, my blog was included on position 68. In 2015 I climbed 29 positions, now being listed as the 39th worldwide blog on agile software development. Isn’t that cool!

I’m the number two top agile blog from the Netherlands. Jurgen Appelo’s is number one, I can live with that ;-). Looking at Europe I’m on position eight. Not bad at all :-).

My blog is read worldwide by by 10.000++ monthly unique visitors with 50.000++ pageviews. Since I started blogging in July 2010 I’ve reached almost 200.000 unique visitors resulting in 1.000.000++ pageviews. A big thanks to all of you!!!

Earlier I wrote about the 5 Tips to Become a Top Agile Blogger. Providing great content and interacting with my readers in software development communities are two of the things that are making this blog successful for many years.

Find out more about the services that I provide, like advice, workshops, consultancy, training and (keynote) talks at conferences.

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Congratulations on the top 100 that’s a great accomplishment. I’ve been using your blog (advice) for the past couple years to help me advise my team on their agile journey.

    I mainly wanted to say thank you this has become a source of information for me which I tap into regularly. What specifically keeps me coming back is the pragmatic aspect of your work – very rare I think.

    Secondly can you point me to any past topics on performance metrics? Performance from a “deliver change” aspect.

    Thanks again
    Shawn Whitmore

    1. Thanks for your kind words Shawn. I’m honored!

      My blog’s tagline is “Sharing my Experience”. I share what I do; that makes it pragmatic and practical by definition 🙂

      There are a couple of posts on deliver change that might be useful. I wrote some on coaching, like coaching by just being there and agile needs coaching. Also interesting on change is how to deal with resistance.

      There’s a post on agile value creation that might also be interesting. Also an agile and lean tool on the business benefits of agile.

      Is this what you are looking for?

  2. Hey Ben,
    Well done, and now it seems I am now a member of the same club, although at 98th position I only just made it!
    Oikosofy Team just wrote to me with the good news, so I’m inspired to write some more for 2016 🙂

    1. Welcome to the list Russ 🙂 And keep on writing, content is king!

    1. This blog is listed, at position 42. I’m assuming because it’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything 😉

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