Agile worden door agile te doen

Agile is hot! Kleine en grotere organisaties zijn bezig met het invoeren van agile, vaak met (grootschalige) veranderprogramma’s die niet altijd tot succes leiden. Met een plan wordt je niet agile, dat gebeurd door daadwerkelijk te veranderen, door het te doen. De vraag is: Hoe kun je agile worden door agile te doen. Continue reading

Agile and Scrum beyond Software Development

In one of my workshops I explored how to use agile and Scrum beyond software development, for example in marketing, sales, support and in management. I gave this workshop in-house for a client to an audience which was not directly involved in software development. Many good ideas came up when preparing and giving this workshop, in this post I’m sharing them with the agile community. Continue reading

Workshops in Kladno on Valuable Agile Retrospectives

I will give two workshops in Kladno (near Prague) on making agile retrospectives valuable. In these workshops you’ll learn the why, what and how of agile retrospectives and practice exercises to develop your facilitation skills. Subscribe now to attend the workshop on November 1 or December 1 in Kladno, Czech Republic. Continue reading

Who facilitates the agile retrospective?

facilitates the agile retrospective

If I ask people who facilitates their agile retrospective, most tell me that it’s their Scrum master. Some even look surprised, as if their could be anybody else who leads their retrospectives? Yes there can be. In some situation it’s even better if somebody else than the Scrum master facilitates the agile retrospective. Continue reading

Guest Blog: Cognition … what’s it all about?

Improving Cognitive Performance

In this guest blog post on Andrew Mawson from Advanced Workplace Associates talks about their ongoing research on cognition. The aim of that research is to provide guidelines that help knowledge workers do the right things to maximise their cognitive performance. Continue reading

Beginnen met Agile Retrospectives

agile retrospective introductie

Agile teams doen Agile Retrospectives om te leren en hun manier van werken aan te passen om continu te verbeteren. Het artikel leren en continue verbeteren in agile geeft een introductie in retrospectives en beschrijft hoe je kunt zorgen voor veiligheid zodat mensen open en eerlijk kunnen zijn. Dit artikel beschrijft waarom je retrospectives doet en hoe je met retrospectives kunt beginnen. Continue reading

Have impediments solved by Scrum team members

In my workshops I often play the impediment game with teams. In that game team members discuss impediments that happen during Scrum sprints or Kanban flows, and decide how to deal with them and who should solve the impediment. The “who” is most often “any team member”. But in practice I see that teams struggle with impediments, and often expect the Scrum master or a manager to solve them. Let’s explore what can be done to have impediments solved by Scrum team members. Continue reading

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