What drives quality: Senior Management

The serie on “What Drives Quality” has thusfar described technical activities that are part of software development. Next postings will cover supporting activities; this one describes how senior management drives quality. Understanding what drives quality enables you to take action before problems actually occur, thus saving time and money. Continue reading

Dealing With Negative Issues in Retrospectives

Agile Retrospectives help teams to continuously improve to become better in what they do. As they are a learning experience for the team the atmosphere in a retrospective meeting is usually positive. But when there have been major problems in an iteration, maybe even conflicts between team members, then team morale can be low and negativism can occur in the retrospective meeting. This is the story of how a reader of our book on Valuable Agile Retrospectives dealt with negative issues in his retrospective. Continue reading

Waarde leveren met Agile

Op 1 september organiseren Agile Holland en het Agile Consortium de meetup Real Agile Delivers Real Value . Tijdens dit event worden twee boeken gepresenteerd: This is Agile door auteur Sander Hoogendoorn en Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives door auteur Ben Linders. Het 1e Nederlandstalige boek over Agile Retrospectives kun je nu met korting kopen! Continue reading

A Management 3.0 Workout Summary in 15 Tweets

The book Management 3.0 workout by Jurgen Appelo provides many practices, games and tools that enable organizations to improve the way they manage themselves and how they treat and support their employees. Where Management 3.0 already provides the backgrounds and insights on better management, this new book gives concrete examples on how to implement it. Continue reading

We’re shipping: Valuable Agile Retrospectives on Amazon and Lulu!

I’m proud to annouce that the second edition of our successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives has been released. This edition is available in print via Amazon and Lulu and can be downloaded as eBook from InfoQ and Leanpub. It has also been translated into Dutch and published as Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives. Continue reading

Agile Practices for Increasing Requirements Quality

To deliver high quaility product to customers, agile quality practices have to engrained throughout development. It starts with ensuring the quality of the requirements.

There are several factors that influence the quality of requirements and thus drive the quality of the software that is being delivered to customers. In this blog I will discuss two of them in detail: Commitment and Stability. I will also describe agile practices that can be used to work with requirements in an effective way and increasing the quality. Continue reading

Retrospective Oefeningen: Zeilboot en 1-woord

Agile retrospectives zijn een geweldige manier om continu je werkwijze te verbeteren. Ze helpen verbeteracties te vinden die er toe doen en ze ook daadwerkelijk uit te voeren. Ze ondersteunen teams om continu te leren en te verbeteren. In een retrospective gebruik je oefeningen waarmee teams inzicht krijgen in wat er speelt en verbeteracties te definiëren. Deze blog beschrijft 2 oefeningen: De zeilboot en de 1-woord Retrospective. Continue reading

Retrospective Benefits: Changes that Stick

Change is often hard. But it is also important and much needed. That is why agile software development suggest to frequently inspect and adapt and promotes the usage of retrospectives to continuously improve the things that teams do. Retrospectives help teams to make changes that stick in the organization, leading to sustainable improvement. Continue reading

Nieuw boek: Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives

Vandaag is het boek Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives gepubliceerd, het 1e Nederlandstalige boek met oefeningen voor Retrospectives. Het originele Engelstalige boek Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives wat in december 2013 gepubliceerd is wordt in veel talen vertaald. Vanaf vandaag kun je de Nederlandse uitgave downloaden via Leanpub. Het Nederlandstalige boek is ook te koop op benlinders.com als eBook of Paperback. Continue reading

Agile Value Creation

Organizations want to have insight in the values that Agile can bring to them. They want to know if and how Agile can help to satisfy customer needs more quickly, and what they can do to increase productivity and reduce development and operations costs. It is important to know the value that Agile can deliver and to be able to measure it. At the event Impact and Value of Agile, organized by the Agile Consortium, I presented the State of Affairs in Agile Value creation. Continue reading

Zelf-organiserende teams met Dienend Leiderschap

Binnen Agile en Lean software ontwikkeling speelt dienend leiderschap een belangrijke rol. Zelf-organiserende teams kennen een scrum master die als een dienend leider het team begeleidt en ondersteund. Vanuit deze achtergrond heb ik het boek Dienend Leiderschap van Henk Jan Kamsteeg gelezen. Het heeft mij enkele nieuwe inzichten gegeven en gestimuleerd om mij verder te verdiepen in het onderwerp. Continue reading