Menselijke factoren in Agile

  • Post published:February 25, 2011

Afgelopen maandag was er de 1e open space van Agile Overheid en het Agile Consortium. Interessante en leerzame bijeenkomst! Ik heb op deze gelegenheid van gedachten kunnen wisselen over menselijke factoren bij de invoering van agile, met extra aandacht voor de verschillen tussen het bedrijfsleven en de overheid.

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CMMI V1.3: Agile

  • Post published:November 20, 2010

One major change in CMMI V1.3 is the addition of agile. Let’s take a look at this, to see how the deploying the CMMI version 1.3 delivers value for Agile organizations and how we can combine agile and CMMI in process improvement.

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We are all customers

  • Post published:September 25, 2010

The customer is considered more and important for software development. Software teams have to delivers products and services that solve the needs of their customers. But understanding what a customer wants isn’t always that easy.

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The Gift of Time

  • Post published:September 10, 2010

Last month I was reading the book The Gift of Time, a collection of stories from people who have used the work of Gerald “Jerry” M. Weinberg. It gives an impression how his ideas helped them, and how it enabled them to support people, and make a difference.

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