World Retrospective Day: Discount on Agile Coaching Tools

Wednesday, February 27, is World Retrospective Day 2019. On that day professionals all around the world will share their experiences with agile retrospectives. To celebrate this, I’m giving a discount on all Agile Coaching Tools (games, books, coaching cards, etc) in my webshop.

Agile retrospectives are all about reflecting, learning, and improving. The Agile Coaching Tools are used by teams and organizations all over the world to explore how they are doing, decide what to improve, and get inspiration and ideas for how to do that.

Agile Coaching Tools

I deliver training, advisory, and professional coaching services to Software Development, IT and R&D organizations and professionals all around the world. In my workshops, I use exercises, games, and real-life cases as a way to learn by practicing and experiencing.

Some of the most popular coaching tools are my book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, The Agile Self-assessment Game, the Impediments Cards, the Agile Retrospective Bingo, and the Agile Retrospective Smells Cards.

Use “worldretroday” in my webshop to get 20% off any Agile Coaching Tool – valid until March 10!

The discount lasts until Sunday, March 10, so don’t wait too long to grab your agile coaching tools for a fabulous price.

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