People-CMM, de basis

  • Post published:September 6, 2011

Op donderdag 15 september is de volgende bijeenkomst van de SPIder P-CMM werkgroep, met als thema: People-CMM, de basis. We kijken terug naar de People-CMM niveau 2 procesgebieden die we de afgelopen jaren besproken hebben. Met deze procesgebieden legt een organisatie de basis voor goed people management.

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Agile People

  • Post published:April 4, 2011

De eerste waarde van het agile manifesto is “individuals and interaction over processes and tools”. Het klinkt zo simpel, maar de praktijk is vaak weerbarstiger. Tijdens het event “Agile People” op 26 april a.s. delen diverse sprekers hun ervaringen over de mensenlijke kant van Agile. Tevens is er een Open Space waarin we van elkaar kunnen leren.

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Are your professionals empowered?

  • Post published:March 11, 2011

Some companies say that “people are our most important resource”. I’d rather use the term “professionals”, since they are trained, have build up experience and are continuously developing themselves to deliver value for your customers. Question is: Are they empowered to do this in a efficient and effective way? The People-CMM can be used to develop a powerful professional workforce, supporting self-organizing agile teams.

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Open for business: People-CMM feedback

  • Post published:February 9, 2011

If you want to reach your business goals, then the capability of your workforce is of huge importance. The knowledge and skills of your professionals, and their motivation and drive is a key factor in delivering results. The People-CMM is a maturity framework that describes the key elements of managing and developing the workforce of an organization. The SEI wants to know how they can further improve the People-CMM.

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