CMMI V1.3: Deploying the CMMI

  • Post published:November 16, 2010

In an earlier posting I highlighted the clarification of the high maturity process areas in this new CMMI version. This time I’m going into changes in the model architecture, which is about how to deploy the CMMI by “tailoring” it toward your needs.

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CMMI V1.3: Where to find information?

  • Post published:November 8, 2010

The CMMI V1.3 has been released just a couple of days ago. I know that many process improvement experts are looking for information, to find out what has changed. Below a first set of links to get you started.

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CMMI V1.3 Released: High Maturity Clarified

  • Post published:November 2, 2010

Version 1.3 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) has been released by the SEI. The main changes mentioned in the SEI News are clarifications of the high maturity process areas, alignment of the representations (staged and continous) and the addition of modern engineering practices like agile.

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Software Reliability: Water, Money and Healthcare

  • Post published:October 22, 2010

SPIder, the Dutch Software Process Improvement Network organises a session about software reliability on november 2. Three speakers will give their views on reliability, and discuss with the attendees what can be done to develop reliable software.

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Decisions, bloody decisions

  • Post published:October 14, 2010

A topic that has been fascinating me for a long time is how people take decisions? I have seen many problems with decisions, but there are ways to improve decisions.

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Getting to the Root Causes of Problems

  • Post published:September 29, 2010

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) has been used by many to determine a fault’s first or “root” causes to improve processes. Given the current economic climate, the business case for RCA has become more more explicit then ever!

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Developing your workforce: What’s the benefit?

  • Post published:September 18, 2010

Looking at business results, how important do you consider your workforce? The knowledge and skills of your professionals, and their motivation and drive? My opinion is that it is of huge importance when you want to reach your business goals.

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The Gift of Time

  • Post published:September 10, 2010

Last month I was reading the book The Gift of Time, a collection of stories from people who have used the work of Gerald “Jerry” M. Weinberg. It gives an impression how his ideas helped them, and how it enabled them to support people, and make a difference.

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  • Post published:September 1, 2010

Sometimes you hear a quote that really get’s to you. One that hit me, and that I use a lot is the definition of insanity: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

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Midsummernight Method Madness

  • Post published:August 29, 2010

Earlier I’ve shared my definition of a proces. Methods (like Scrum, Prince2, XP, etc) help professionals to discuss the way to do things, to become more effective.

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Communication * Behavior = Commitment

  • Post published:August 25, 2010

Last week we had Willem Scheepers as guest speaker at the SPIder P-CMM workgroup, who told us about the what, how and why of Investors in People (IiP). He got my attention by mentioning commitment and communication, two important aspects of the IiP.

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Real QA Manifesto

  • Post published:August 18, 2010

Many people think Quality Assurance (QA) is only testing. This surprises me, after working many years as Quality Manager to prevent defects and improve products.

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